42009 – Mobile Crane MK II

42009-boxThe second set I bought was the Mobile Crane MK II. It’s nice, huge, and contains more than 2600 pieces, a nice starter pack. Building the crane took me more than 8 hours !

This huge baby has plenty of nice functions but lacks a full RC system, you can drive it thanks to its hand of god wheel, the only motorized functions concern the winch and the crane. It’s funny to play with, but the functions are so slow… gearing down was necessary to improve the power of the functions I guess. It moves very smoothly, its weight and the 10 wheels (3 of the 5 axles are steered) make it interesting to manipulate, my 6 years old kid enjoyed to roll it on the floor, more than playing with the crane because of the slow speed of the functions. After a while, he installed it on a table and tried to raise a few things with the crane, the lack of patience made him abandon the idea and he asked me to modify it to make it faster ! (this will certainly made one day or another…)

I enjoyed that model, its well designed, building it is a challenge, not because of it’s complexity but because it requires lots of time and focusing, swap a 13 with a 15 liftarm by mistake, and you’ll understand what I mean if you see what you’ve done wrong 1 hour later 🙂

The best point of that box is that it’s a very nice start set, it contains a lots of pieces, especially if you like construction vehicles.

For more details, check Sariel’s great review on Youtube.