Feb 052017

Last friday was a rainy and windy day. I was home, a bit bored and I started to make a bit of sorting in my kid’s bedroom. I gave him my old Legos from the eighties and obviously, like a modern kid, he did not really cared about the instructions, after all, it’s some written paper, who still cares about that nowadays ?! When I got them back to store them in a safer place, his bedroom being a battleground, I remembered when I was myself a kid, when I was building and rebuilding them again and nostalgia started to appear…

Then, I decided to build the forklift but quickly realized that most of the pieces were old and dirty, if not lost and that it could be a bit difficult to complete the model.
So, I went back to modern Legos and started to rebuild the model with studless parts, which is in my humble opinion much more difficult than with old parts. Technically, those classic sets are built from the bottom to the top, like traditionnal legos, which is not the way studless sets are made. They require more thinking, because you always to consider what you will have to build after what you’re currently preparing.

The main difficulty of this moc is that it has a width of 10 studs, which is a even number, whereas studless Legos are made for models of an odd size ! When you were using a studfull liftarm of 16 in the past, you use a studless one of 15 now !  With classic Legos, you can easily place an axle in the center of a 2×4 plate, with studless ones, it becomes a challenge, you can’t even find a 4 studs liftarm, it only exists as a thin one, and with 4 holes, it has no center…

So I made the choice to make the inner chassis, holding the rear steering of an odd size, and to keep the width of the bodywork to 10 studs and it reveals itself to be a good choice, simplifying greatly the creation process. It took me 5 hours to complete that remake, 5 hours of good time, I enjoyed doing it, and I’m quite happy to share the instructions now on the blog !

Download the PDF instructions : Studless Remake Classic 850 Forklift (242 downloads)

Nov 142016

42050b-rcHi to all of you !

This is the second time I add Power Function motors to the both models A and B of an official set ! When Alpha Mae (see A model) asked me to motorize the 42050 models, I answered her that the B one, the supercharged dragster, had no place for the battery box and would be awful with an enormous box locked to its rear wing, but, after thinking about it, I decided to use a train battery box and to place it just behind the driver’s seat, and to try to see what I could do of that very long and narrow car !

The body of the dragster has enough space to receive a servo motor for the steering, positioned on its side, near the front of the car. Once the steering installed and the previous parts allocated to this task removed, there’s more space behind the driver’s seat, some space that I used for the battery box.

To keep the V8 motor operationnal, I choose to position the driving motor on one of the sides, under the hoses. There’s two sides so adding 2 motors was an idea I got imediately and this greatly improved the torque given to the dragster, giving it a much better acceleration.

Overall this modification of the original model, once finished, is less close than the A modified model was of it’s original model. Several elements of the MOC moved a bit to free some space, some of them even disappeared, like the exhausts on the top of the motor (those made of chain links !), but it’s finally better than expected. Obviously, it’s size does not make it nimble, and the turning radius is terribly wide, but it’s quite fast, and fun to play with !

Clic here to download the PDF instructions :  42050B - Supercharged Dragster - RC (651 downloads)

Oct 312016

Hi to all of you
42050boxAlpha Mae Amor R. Paquibo sent me a mail recently, asking me if I could work on a remote controlled version of the 42050 models. I was a bit away of Lego these last days but this query has motivated me and immediately, having the 42050 assembled somewhere, I took the decision to modify it and add power function motors.

Here comes the instructions for the A model, using a servo motor for steering, and a M motor for propulsion. The result is satisfying and moves fast enough for my taste.

Have fun building it and don’t forget to post me your photos, I will add them to the visitor’s gallery !



Clic here to download the PDF instructions :  42050 - Dragster - RC (514 downloads)


Custom Rock Crawler Pickup – RC – MOC

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Mar 312016

CustomRockCrawlerPickup2Hi to all of you !

Two of my favorite sets are the Customized Pick up Truck from the year 2014 (set 42029) and the 4×4 Crawler from the year 2012 (set 9398). Inspired by them, I’ve decided in februray to build a new MOC

42029_boxThe 42029 Pick up is in my humble opinion the best looking set of the last years. It’s well proportioned, the color choice is interesting and I liked the functions and the way it’s been built.

Read my review of the set here : http://lego.vilvert.fr/42029-customized-pick-up-truck/

I liked it so much that I decided to built my own version, fully RC : http://lego.vilvert.fr/2015/08/30/42029-customized-pick-up-rc/

One of the limits of that truck is that it’s not a real 4×4 (not a 4×4 at all anyway since only rear wheels are driven !). The Remote Controlled version I built proved that fact, the truck is not able to climb rocks, nor even move when the ground becomes complicated.


9398_boxAt the opposite, the 9398 4×4 Crawler is a true all terrain vehicle, even if his differentials limit a bit its ability to cross certain obstacles, it’s made for the exterior, the mud and the rocks !

Speaking of playability, that set is probably the only one that could be considered as a toy by itself if it was not made of Legos. A 6 years old kid may play with it, making obstacle races or outdoor driving without feeling the limits of playing with a lego car.

It also has a nice look, less accomplished than 42029 though and the choice of the colors is discutable.



Inspired by those two, in february went the idea to build a bigger version of 42029, exploiting the efficient chassis of 9398. In the specifications sheet, from the 9398,I replaced the L motors by XL ones to increase the torque on the 4 wheels and added some headlights in the front. From 42029, I kept the tilting bed but removed the front winch with the idea to reinvent the front of the bodywork and make it more potent.

Building and rebuilding took me at least 3 weeks and lots of modifications but finally led to something which is not always the case for me ! So, here’s my remixed version of the 9398 and 42029 sets, with a few personal additions. Please browse the galery below to discover more of the changes I made to the original models.

As usual, instructions are delivered for free in PDF, feel free to download them and to donate me a few € if you like them or want to contribute to my upcoming builds !

Clic here to download the PDF instructions :  Custom Rock Crawler Pickup RC MOC (1025 downloads)


Off-Road Shorted Dragster

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Dec 082015

Off-road shorted dragster - BBRHi all !

Time has come for a new MOC. My son and I were playing with the 9398 Crawler when my son started to complain how slow it is. Unfortunately, or not, he was right and then we immediately decided to build something faster !

Faster, smaller, playable and fun ! Lots of things to take in consideration, but… I think we succeeded and built some kind of funny little dragster.

It’s clearly not the more accomplished built I’ve ever created, but we considered it good enough to figure on the blog. So, here it is, with its free instructions. To maximize the fun of playing with, try to change the wheels with bigger or smaller ones. Using smooth ones on the front axle is enjoyable and will offer you nice skids.

Clic here to download PDF instructions :  Of Road Shorted Dragster (434 downloads)