Nov 142016

42050b-rcHi to all of you !

This is the second time I add Power Function motors to the both models A and B of an official set ! When Alpha Mae (see A model) asked me to motorize the 42050 models, I answered her that the B one, the supercharged dragster, had no place for the battery box and would be awful with an enormous box locked to its rear wing, but, after thinking about it, I decided to use a train battery box and to place it just behind the driver’s seat, and to try to see what I could do of that very long and narrow car !

The body of the dragster has enough space to receive a servo motor for the steering, positioned on its side, near the front of the car. Once the steering installed and the previous parts allocated to this task removed, there’s more space behind the driver’s seat, some space that I used for the battery box.

To keep the V8 motor operationnal, I choose to position the driving motor on one of the sides, under the hoses. There’s two sides so adding 2 motors was an idea I got imediately and this greatly improved the torque given to the dragster, giving it a much better acceleration.

Overall this modification of the original model, once finished, is less close than the A modified model was of it’s original model. Several elements of the MOC moved a bit to free some space, some of them even disappeared, like the exhausts on the top of the motor (those made of chain links !), but it’s finally better than expected. Obviously, it’s size does not make it nimble, and the turning radius is terribly wide, but it’s quite fast, and fun to play with !

Clic here to download the PDF instructions :  42050B - Supercharged Dragster - RC (651 downloads)

Oct 312016

Hi to all of you
42050boxAlpha Mae Amor R. Paquibo sent me a mail recently, asking me if I could work on a remote controlled version of the 42050 models. I was a bit away of Lego these last days but this query has motivated me and immediately, having the 42050 assembled somewhere, I took the decision to modify it and add power function motors.

Here comes the instructions for the A model, using a servo motor for steering, and a M motor for propulsion. The result is satisfying and moves fast enough for my taste.

Have fun building it and don’t forget to post me your photos, I will add them to the visitor’s gallery !



Clic here to download the PDF instructions :  42050 - Dragster - RC (514 downloads)


Off-Road Shorted Dragster

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Dec 082015

Off-road shorted dragster - BBRHi all !

Time has come for a new MOC. My son and I were playing with the 9398 Crawler when my son started to complain how slow it is. Unfortunately, or not, he was right and then we immediately decided to build something faster !

Faster, smaller, playable and fun ! Lots of things to take in consideration, but… I think we succeeded and built some kind of funny little dragster.

It’s clearly not the more accomplished built I’ve ever created, but we considered it good enough to figure on the blog. So, here it is, with its free instructions. To maximize the fun of playing with, try to change the wheels with bigger or smaller ones. Using smooth ones on the front axle is enjoyable and will offer you nice skids.

Clic here to download PDF instructions :  Of Road Shorted Dragster (434 downloads)


42041B – Race Car – RC

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Oct 122015

H42041B-RCello !

A new RC moc again ! This my pleasure actually these days hehe. This is the B model of the 42041 set (Race Truck), which is a race car, one of those monsters that run in circles on the american tracks !

The challenge for that build was to make everything hidden under the bodywork, IR receiver excepted. There’s not that much space and the battery box takes quite a big space. I choosed a L motor for the propulsion, that’s enough, the set is light and the L motor is faster than the XL and has enough torque. Like for the 42041, I’ve placed a chain between the motor and the differential, that’s an uncommon choice, but it works pretty well, and I like how it looks !

For the steering, the choice went to the traditional servo motor. I could install it on the rear, side by side of the driver’s seat, it’s a bit hidden and that’s good like it.
As battery box, I’ve chosen a train battery box because of it’s smaller size, and it has a lovely place inside the car, near the lateral right door.

Overall, this is a nice modification, better than for the 42041 race truck where I could not totally hide the motors. The car is fast and very playable and I like it !

Thank you for reading me, and as usual, you can download the PDF instructions for free, feel free to post me some photos of your own build or donate a few coins to help me for the upcoming models !

Click here to download the file :  42041B - RC - PDF (1374 downloads)



Jun 092015

Hello !

Maquette F1 v1 - b

The new project is a formula 1, built from scratch. This is more a design exercise than a complex technical attempt. It is one of my first serious tries to build something realistic, humility drove me to avoid the Power Functions and advanced functions at start, the next model will probably radio commanded at least.

I started by a beam-made profile, the idea was to see what scale and what wheels to choose. After, i built a first front wing, but it was not robust enough, the second is the one you see in the pictures from the gallery. This is the one I’ve kept for the project.

Second step, a body. The front wing gave me a good start to build a body aligned with its top. I made the body with red pieces. Then, i went back to LDD and rebuilt it. This is, imho, a good way to correct a few things, those you dont want to change because you have to remove 30 pieces just to change a small pin somewhere 🙂

After that, I grabbed my box of panels and started to play with them, trying to find a good configuration, then, I finished the model with LDD. This is what you can see in the gallery, the first complete picture of the Formula 1, fully red.

Finally, I went back to the lego boxes and built the model again, following the LDD instructions, and with the colors i had, a nice meli-melo of yellow, red and black, hehe. The design worked well enough for me. A quick jump to bricklink to buy the missing red beams, a quick delivery (thank you Champagne Brickstore !) and here’s the full model, in red and black ! I wont add stickers, i dont like them to much and I’m not sure the model is pretty enough to deserve them ! Next time perhaps 🙂

Download :  MOC - Formula 1 - Ferrari - LXF (1210 downloads)


Building time so far : 4 hours with Lego, 5 hours with LDD, 3 hours of building and unbuilding and building again ! 🙂