Jun 092015

Hello !

Maquette F1 v1 - b

The new project is a formula 1, built from scratch. This is more a design exercise than a complex technical attempt. It is one of my first serious tries to build something realistic, humility drove me to avoid the Power Functions and advanced functions at start, the next model will probably radio commanded at least.

I started by a beam-made profile, the idea was to see what scale and what wheels to choose. After, i built a first front wing, but it was not robust enough, the second is the one you see in the pictures from the gallery. This is the one I’ve kept for the project.

Second step, a body. The front wing gave me a good start to build a body aligned with its top. I made the body with red pieces. Then, i went back to LDD and rebuilt it. This is, imho, a good way to correct a few things, those you dont want to change because you have to remove 30 pieces just to change a small pin somewhere 🙂

After that, I grabbed my box of panels and started to play with them, trying to find a good configuration, then, I finished the model with LDD. This is what you can see in the gallery, the first complete picture of the Formula 1, fully red.

Finally, I went back to the lego boxes and built the model again, following the LDD instructions, and with the colors i had, a nice meli-melo of yellow, red and black, hehe. The design worked well enough for me. A quick jump to bricklink to buy the missing red beams, a quick delivery (thank you Champagne Brickstore !) and here’s the full model, in red and black ! I wont add stickers, i dont like them to much and I’m not sure the model is pretty enough to deserve them ! Next time perhaps 🙂

Download :  MOC - Formula 1 - Ferrari - LXF (1210 downloads)


Building time so far : 4 hours with Lego, 5 hours with LDD, 3 hours of building and unbuilding and building again ! 🙂


Easy Battery Box

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May 072015

EasyBatteryBoxI was working on an idea to add an easy to replace battery box to my models. The problem is to lock it so whatever happens to the model, the battery does not fall nor can move. The other point of the conception is to keep it easy to replace, without any studs nor hard to manipulate montages. I made the choice to use a lock held by a rubber band and two rails on each side of the battery.

Download :  IDEA - Easy Battery Box - LXF (279 downloads)