Guest – Robert Turmes


Robert Turmes, alias Turocha from Technic Dialog, a german speaking Lego website is a very sympathetic AFOL ! He builds many models and makes some nice pics of them !

His impressive profile on the website can be seen here : Turocha (Click on the pictures to discover his galleries)

Custom Rock Crawler Pickup

Bulldozer RC

Off-Road Shorted Dragster

Robert is also working on a project with some friends, I can’t wait to see the results and post them here !

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Guests’ Pages


If yourself have created galleries or videos of my models and want to be listed on that page, please let me know by using the contact form at the top right corner of the menu !

  • Anselme Chorein from France. He made a guide on how to drive Lego Motors from a Raspberry Pi, and used the 42029RC to illustrate his tests !
  • Robert Turmes from Luxembourg. He is a serial model and MOC builder and built several of my models.
  • Zhou Haoxian (周浩賢) from China.



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