42039 B Model MOC – RC

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May 122015


42039 B Model is easy to customize. It contains lots of empty space, the steering is easy to access and the transmission can be implemented from the front if you put a powerfunction motor in place of the fake motor, or from the inside, on the rear.
I made the choice to add an XL motor to the rear, it’s not totally inside, but this MOC has to remain very easy to build without requiring lots of complementary pieces. The steering is made with a servomotor plugged on the original steering axe.

I changed the wheels. The original ones are too small for a SUV. Considering that the model does not look like a real 4×4 made for ground pathes, balloon tires are not the more evident choice, even if they’re quite common on recent models (42029, 9398, 42005…), so it seems that the ones from the 42000 formula one are the good ones.

Last point, the original rear suspension is made with blue long pins with friction ridges, probably because those were the only available ones from the original model. I replaced them with tan pins without friction which makes the suspension much more soft, effective and realistic.

Globally, the SUV is not very fast, but has enough torque for small obstacles, the steering works very well, and it’s very easy to play with, though, don’t expect to make it climb like the 9398 crawler.

Download :  42039B - RC - PDF (4736 downloads)


Easy Battery Box

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May 072015

EasyBatteryBoxI was working on an idea to add an easy to replace battery box to my models. The problem is to lock it so whatever happens to the model, the battery does not fall nor can move. The other point of the conception is to keep it easy to replace, without any studs nor hard to manipulate montages. I made the choice to use a lock held by a rubber band and two rails on each side of the battery.

Download :  IDEA - Easy Battery Box - LXF (279 downloads)


Welcome !

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May 052015

This is a new Lego page, mainly dedicated to Lego Technic !Muuss
You’ll find here some homemade MOCs, ideas, instructions or LXF/Ldraw models. Everything here, unless mentioned, has been made as a leisure, by myself, my kid, or people of my surrounding. Sometimes, you’ll recognize some ideas taken from other websites, if you recognize yourself, or the one who built the original idea, please tell me and i will award all the respective credits. And well… if you take an idea here, feel free, but let people know where you took it !

As a short presentation of myself, i’ll just let you know that I’m a french guy, dad of a wonderful little guy who also loves Legos, and that I work as a IT manager in a university.

For those who dont understand a word of english, I’ll try to post also in french !

Bonjour et bienvenue  !

Vous voici sur une nouvelle page Lego, dédiée principalement aux Lego Technic ! Ici, vous trouverez des productions maisons, soit de modèles personnalisées, d’idées, d’instructions ou de fichiers LXF ou Ldraw. Tout ici, sauf précisé, a été réalisé par loisir et par moi-même, mon fils ou mes proches. Parfois, vous reconnaîtrez l’une de vos idées ou celui qui l’aura eue, dans ce cas, n’hésitez pas à me le signaler et j’allouerai les justes crédits à leur auteur. Et bien sur, si vous utilisez une idée prise ici, n’oubliez pas de le signaler à vos lecteurs.

Pour me présenter rapidement, je vous dirai juste que je suis français, papa d’un merveilleux petit gars lui aussi fan de Lego et que je travaille comme responsable informatique dans une université.

Bonne visite sur ce site !

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